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Fayetteville Veterans Remember Service to Country

Posted November 11, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— It used to be kids would gather around veterans to hear the war stories. Now, it's rare to get even 100 people at a Veterans Day parade.

Veterans from across the country are in Fayetteville today remembering their service to our country. The celebration at the Fayetteville Veterans Association Medical Center is typically one of the largest in the area. Soldiers from past wars and even some who are in the service now come from all over to attend, but the general public is usually conspicuous in its absence. Retired Army Sfc William Butler spent more than 25 years in the military, and says the day holds special meaning for him. But, he adds that it would be nice to have more recognition from the public.

Many of the veterans in attendance said they hope that, as time passes, those who do not serve in the military won't forget this country's history. Retired Army Sgt. Roland Narducci says those who enjoy a better life because of what veterans did need to be reminded of that.

But while the vets turn out for the day's parade, the public usually doesn't. Those who served our country in times of war say too many people look at Veterans' Day as just another holiday.