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Chatham Co. Artist Finds Beauty in Trash

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PITTSBORO — Many artists are inspired by beauty, but aChathamCounty artist finds his beauty and inspiration in trash. Lyle Estill foundplenty of his style of inspiration on some land near Moncure that becamehis home. While hauling it all away he discovered the artist withinhimself.

Estill's homestead was once part of a farm. Before he started hisfamily here, the place had become a dump, but Estill took on thetask of cleaning it up.

Many of Lyle's sculptures have new homes and owners around the country.One -- a giant chess set -- is at the Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill.

It all comes straight from the imagination of a man who hates to seethings thrown away. When Lyle Estill is not welding his scrap iron he sells computers.

Reporter/Photographer:Rick Armstrong