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Fayetteville School Custodian Doubles as Artist

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FAYETTEVILLE — Possibly, the single most thankless jobat any school is that of the custodian. If you doubt that, just imaginecleaning up after 500 kids inyourhouse every day! But WRAL-TV5'sTerri Grucamet a custodian inFayetteville who considers his work an art.

His broom stroke may be no different. His speed is about the same asother janitors, but there's something that makes Howard Cradle, known inhis school as Smiley, quite special, according to principal Willie Wright.

Cradle's talent is not as hidden as you might think in the halls of Jerald's Elementary School. Another principal noticed it nine years ago.

Cradle has a knack for making strokes with a different kind ofbrush, too -- a paint brush. He's created thousands of works of art, andeverywhere you look at Jerald's Elementary school you're sure to seeat least one.

Jerald's fifth-grader Allan Autry says Cradle's art is good for theschool.

Teacher Debbie Angelone says Cradle provides a good role model for thechildren.

Cradle says his art is his first love.

Cradle's world is one many students say they are happy to be a part of.He says he loves his time at school but his first love is art. Some day hewould like to be able to make a living just selling his paintings.