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Campbell University Officials Dealing with Questions, Grief After Student's Death

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BUIES CREEK — Officials at Campbell University havea long list of questions to ponder after the shocking death of a studentwrestler Friday morning. The 19-year-old freshman wrestler died in theearly morning hours Friday, of an apparent heart attack.

Police said it appears he was working around the clock to lose weightbefore the weigh-in of a big match with West Point, a practice that isapparently not uncommon among wrestlers.

Police say Billy Jack Saylor, was working out with an assistant coach and another student early Friday just before Saylor collapsed.

Saylor was a champion high school wrestler in his hometown of Wellborn,Fla., and had hopes of continuing his success at Campbell. A school spokesperson said, as far as anyone at the school knew, Saylor had nohistory of heart problems.

Speaking for Campbell, Benny Pearce said Saylor was in good health andhad passed a physical examination in order to compete on the wrestlingteam.

Campbell freshman Kellee Church says she will remember Saylor as a niceperson.

Some say they feel it was Saylor's drive to be the best that caused hisdeath. Student athlete Katie Karalunas says wrestlers often starvethemselves and work out too much in order to qualify for certain weightclasses.

Senior Matt Drain says Campbell is a small school, and an occurrencelike this affects everyone.

Counselors were on campus Friday to help students cope with their shockand grief.

The school will hold a memorial service next Thursday at 11 a.m.

A medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the exact causeof death.

Photographer:Joe Frieda