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Voters Clean House in Fayetteville

Posted November 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Voters went to the polls Tuesday to make their choices and the ramifications of those choices became clear Wednesday night.

Controversy has swirled for nearly a year in Fayetteville's city council. Time and again, on critical issues, the vote came down exactly five to four. But voters made sure those days are numbered.

The voters cleaned house in Fayetteville on Tuesday. They set their sights on a council majority that's made a lot of headlines. Four incumbents seeking re-election are on the way out and the city manager they recently hired may be right behind them.

The city council chambers in Fayetteville will soon have a new look. Because of annexation, the council's expanding from 9 to 12 members.

Voters are up to some remodeling of their own. They're putting eight new faces on the council.

This year, a sharply divided council fired the city manager, investigated alleged racism in the police department and hired a new city manager just before the primary. Four of the five members in favor of all that can pack their bags. Only Robert Massey will return. Milo McBryde will also be back, after fighting the majority, meeting after meeting.

Curtis Worthy will take a seat on the council for the first time, and he says it's time to put pettiness in the past.

The new council may get off to a rocky start. McBryde say he's going to make a motion to fire the new city manager and promote the deputy city manager. One of the ousted council members, Thelbert Torrey, stands by the majority's decisions, saying there's no reason to reverse them.