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Durham Police Officers Found Not Guilty

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Officer Cleary hugs his wife after the verdict is read.
DURHAM — Did Durham police officers beat up a man duringa traffic stop? A jury decided Thursday that the officers were notguilty of that crime.

The officers were charged with brutality when Reginald Craig saidthey beat him for no reason during a routine traffic stop.

The jury brought in its verdict just before 4 p.m. Jurors said the twopolice officers did not use excessive force against Craig three years ago.

Officer Jim Cleary, one of those accused, said after the verdict wasread that he was happy, not only for himself, but for the entire policedepartment.

Anginette Craig, Reginald Craig's wife, was angry. She said the morningpapers should state that police can beat up anyone.

Craig's mother, Betty Johnson, said she wasn't really surprised at theverdict.

Jurors said there was some debate about the verdict, despite the factthat they reached their decision in a matter of hours.

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