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Cary Residents Vote to Slow Expansion

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CARY — Cary voters choosing new town council membershave growth on their minds. If Cary keeps expanding, its population couldexceed a quarter of a million in just 33 years. Some residents said that explosive growth needs to be slowed, and thatopinion was reflected at the polls Tuesday.

New homes are going up every day in Cary. But there are indications, bothin Cary and across the Triangle, that people want more control over howquickly their towns expand. New Town Council Member Glen Lang's stand onthat issue helped him oust a 22-year incumbent. He says he felt growthneeded to be halted.

Dr. John Gilbert, North Carolina State professor of political science, said other fast track towns across the Triangle may start seekingcandidates who want to slow things down.

Developer Pat Gavaghan said if local politicians get together toslow down growth, there is no way to stop it.

Lang pointed out that some towns can turn down proposals for newdevelopment with local petitions against it, plus the votes of just twocouncil members.

Reporter: Len Besthoff