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Fayetteville Police Papering City With Picture of Sexual Predator

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Fayetteville police are sending out a mass mailing to make the community aware of a sexual predator
FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville police want to keep the heat on a sexual predator and raisecommunity awareness. For the first time, they'll try a mass mailing duringan investigation. The police are sending out a sketch of the suspect to1500 businesses in Cumberland County.

Claude Williams, Fayetteville police, said the department hopes with allthe exposure, someone will spot the suspect.

Police said the suspect struck last on Oct. 16, kidnapping a 15-year-old girl on her way to a school bus stop in a subdivision off Morganton Road. Armedwith a knife, the man tried to rape her in the woods behind an elementaryschool, but she escaped.

Capt. Brad Chandler, Fayetteville police, said he believes the suspectwill strike again.

But not if the police can stop him first. That's why they're turning tothe community for all the help they can get.

Police have already handed out the sketch to newspaper carriers, localcolleges and Fort Bragg commanders. Many school buses also have a copy onboard. Investigators have been getting about a half dozen leads every day.So far none have panned out, but they want people to keep calling.

Police said the man they're looking for is a suspect in up to a dozenattacks, almost all of them this year.

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