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Cell Phones Help Police Catch Suspects

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cell phones have become the latest weapon in the war on crime. There have been several cases in Fayetteville where a citizen witnessed a crime,followed the suspect, and used a cell phone to keep police informed onwhere the suspect was headed. That enables officers to move in and makethe arrest.

Tommy Culbreth and two other men went after a robbery suspect last week after a holdup at Papa Jacks' restaurant in Fayetteville.

Culbreth said minutes later, the police had their man, thanks to thecell phone.

A cell phone also played a key role in the capture of two brothers chargedwith killing two officers along I-95 in September. An eyewitness followedthe suspects and used his car phone to help authorities close in.

Maj. Ray Davis, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, said the caller helpedpolice locate the suspects.

When people buy cell phones for convenience or emergencies, they're alsoarming themselves with a high-tech weapon to fight crime.

Davis said he believes the practice of calling in crimes will skyrocket.

Police said you need to be very careful if you're going to follow a suspect. The witness in the murdered officers case almost lost his own life whenone of the suspects allegedly took aim at him. Police said you should keepa safe distance and avoid driving recklessly.

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