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Bayonets in High Demand at N.C. Police Departments

Posted November 4, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— North Carolina officers armed with military style bayonets? Some feel the weapons are out of date.

It isn't your grandfather's bayonet, but that's what it's called. The military knives are in high demand at the Law Enforcement Support and Services warehouse, which gives away surplus items to departments in North Carolina.

Brad Lovin, Law Enforcement Support and Services, said agencies request the weapons for different reasons.

A number of agencies in the Triangle now have the military-style bayonets, including the Johnston County Sheriff's Department, which has 50 of them. Sheriff Freddy Narron said they come in handy, especially during marijuana eradication efforts.

Officers on patrol won't have bayonets strapped to their sides, and you probably won't see them on a rifle, since they're only designed to fit on one weapon, an M-16.

Police departments in 23 states now have bayonets in their arsenals. But in Los Angeles, they're giving them back to the military. They said they have no need for them.

Reporter: Len Besthoff Photographer: Greg Clark