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Police Still Searching for 2 in Durham Crime Spree

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DURHAM — A series of brutal crimes against Latinos inDurham still has police searching for suspects. More than 150 violentcrimes have been committed against Latinos this year.

Durham police have arrested two suspects and a third turned himself inMonday night. Two others are still on the loose. Police are aggressivelylooking for the them, but fear they may have left town. The brutalnature of the crimes has police concerned someone will be killed beforethe rampage is over.

Several homes have been broken into by young masked men brandishingguns. Their pattern is to take what they want and leave residentsterrified.

Taqiyy Coley and Romone Miles were arrested Friday and charged with18 counts of robbery and 18 counts of kidnapping. James W. Dayeturned himself in at about 6:30 p.m. Monday. Police are still lookingfor Chris Thompson and Eric Parry. Daye, Thompson and Parry are chargedwith rape, attempted sexual assault, burglary, kidnapping and armedrobbery. During the crimes, police say victims were forced to undergobrutality with guns pointed at their heads.

Durham Police Cpl. Fran Borden says the men were out of control.

Borden says the suspects may have left Durham and that there may bestill others involved. He says there could be as many as 100 crimesinvolved.

Police are stepping up efforts with a special Crimestoppers phone linejust for Spanish speaking residents.

Borden says people have begun to come forward with information.

Durham police really want these suspects. They say anyone with anyinformation about the crimes to call Crimestoppers at919-683-1200. Spanish speaking residents are urged tocall919-560-4925. This is a special phone manned bybi-lingual officers.

Photographer:Lori Foushee

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