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Glensford Road Extension Causing Fayetteville Controversy

Posted November 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Triangle roads around are frequently clogged with traffic, and Fayetteville has the same problem. But now that Cumberland County city is getting some much needed relief around its crowded mall. As is frequently the case, controversy abounds.

The Glensford Road extension just outside Cross Creek Mall will connect Cliffdale Road on one end with Morganton Road on the other. Both roads are busy and, between them, is the very popular Cross Creek Mall. The problem is that the connector also links to a residential neighborhood. Residents there fear that could create some serious problems for them.

In coming months, with a busy holiday season for the mall, about 50,000 vehicles are expected to use the new road. That's why the North Carolina Department of Transportation decided to build the connector in the first place -- to re-route some of the traffic that has caused problems in the past.

But, as workers lifted the barrier on the Glensford Road Extension, they also opened a flood of debate. Resident Don Garner says the road will be convenient for some, but a problem for others.

Montclair, the neighborhood that will receive a flood of new traffic, already has some traffic problems. Residents fear the added traffic will prove dangerous around neighborhood schools. Officials have already erected a fence around Montclair Elementary to prevent children from running into the street.

That school's crossing guard, Ed Meeks, says he is concerned.

N.P. Brodie lives in Fayetteville. He says despite the problems for the Montclair area, he thinks the new road will help in other ways.

Even before the new road opened, adjacent land was being cleared for new businesses. That concerns residents even more. They say they worry that more business will bring in even more traffic.

For its part, NCDOT says it has several other plans in the works to ease that traffic onto main roads and out of the residential area.

Photographer:Mike Joyner