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Anti-Drug Message Goes to Fayetteville Church

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville Police Officer David Houpwent to church Sunday night -- with drugs and a message.

Houp took the drugs to church as part of an anti-drug campaign.He carries a display case of all kinds of drugs to teach parentsand kids what to look for and to avoid.Houp hopes to give everyone involved an education that will help them keepdrugs out of their lives for good.

Deborah Dudley said she thought the program is very helpfulespecially in recognizing potential danger signs in children's rooms. "Iteducates the parents if we go into the rooms, see anything we arenot familiar with, we will know what it is, what the problem is, so Ithinkthis is a very good thing, and I am glad I am out here."

Houp hopes this "show and tell" will give adults the knowledge theyneed to keep kids off drugs and to show kids the dangers of doing drugs.Houp said he shows them "that the negatives outweigh the positives. Thatway they will know it's not a good thing to get engaged in."

Houp presents this kind of program at least three times a year.He also has a Saturday radio program to talk about crimeprevention and drug use.