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3 Teens Sought in Durham Cabbie Shooting

Posted November 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Durham police are searching for three teens who are suspected of having information about last Wednesday's shooting of a Bluebird Cab Co. driver. Stanley Solomon remains in critical condition, after being shot behind his right ear.

Police said the shooting was apparently part of a robbery, although Solomon was not robbed and might have struggled with his attackers. The driver had picked up the teens just after noon near the old Durham Athletic Park.

A witness then reported that Solomon's cab stopped at the entrance to Red Maple Park, about three miles from where the ride started. The witness heard a gun go off, with the teens still in the back seat, and then saw the teens leave the cab and walk through the park. Tracking the teens using a police dog failed to find them.

The shooting comes as city officials are considering two changes to the taxi ordinance which might help make driving cabs somewhat safer.

One would allow drivers to have a friend ride along with them after dark; now only paying fares are allowed in the vehicle with the driver. And passengers could be required to pay their estimated fare in advance, something the current measures ban.