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Some UNC Students Protest Nike Link

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CHAPEL HILL — Some students at UNC Chapel Hill don'twant Nike's logo on the heels of their Tar Heels.

They're not happy with the athletic shoe company's tie to theuniversity, claiming Nike is operating sweatshops in its Asian plants.

The students will voice their concerns to former basketball coach DeanSmith later today. Protests are also scheduled next week, including oneduring the Heels game against Florida State.

When it comes to college athletics, Nike Rules. As college sports becomemore visible so does the anti-Nike movement.These UNC students started protesting when the university agreed to a $7million deal with Nike over the summer.

One student interviewed on campus said "Nike is a company that exploitslabor in developing countries. For theuniversity to support something like that, I don't think that reflects too well on the university.

Nike has been providing uniforms and shoes for some players andcoaches for years.But this deal covers nearly the entire athletic department head to toe --toes sporting some pricy shoes.The new Air Jordan will hit stores this weekend at $150 a pair.

A man at a local shopping center said a shoe is needed thataverage people can afford. And since he is not a college or pro player,he can't see spending so much money.

Another man said he is going to avoid buying Nike products becausehe does not feel Nike supports the community that buys them.

Nike brought in $650 million in profit last year, which raises an evenbigger concern about colleges and amateur athletes who 'just do it' withNike.

Students have also asked that some of the money from the school's contractbe donated to Amnesty International.