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Gun Destruction in Cumberland County a Cut Above

Posted October 31, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Fighting crime means keeping criminals and illegal guns off the streets. Deputies in Cumberland County are jailing the crooks and destroying their guns.

Law enforcement officials all over periodically destroy weapons that have been confiscated and ordered distroyed by the courts. In Cumberland County, weapons are distroyed about four times a year. This practice is getting more high tech.

Rifles. Shotguns. Pistols. These are the more than 300 weapons that have been confiscated this year in Cumberland County. To make sure they're not sold and used again in other crimes, the sheriff's deputies are distroying them, but not the traditional way using axes and sledgehammers. Instead, they're cutting up the weapons into tiny pieces.

Ron Green of Cohen and Green Salvage Company says the scrap metal will be used again in the production of new cars, new toys and anything else that's made out of metal.