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Fayetteville Retail Booming

Posted October 31, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— A national study suggests the hottest place to be for retail sales is right in Fayetteville.

And one of the busiest malls around keeps getting busier. Foot traffic is up 10 percent this year at the Cross Creek Mall. The local Sears store here is the company's top seller in the southeast.

Sears Managaer Bob Polera said, " We draw people from a 50-mile radius easily, and that's an exciting thing. That's a good thing for business."

One study predicts business will continue to boom around Fayetteville. A national report done for the radio industry projects retail sales growing here by 8.6 percent each year through the year 2000. The Fayetteville forecast tops the nation, which has suprised even those stores doing well.

Wayne Anstead, the owner of Anstead's, said he sees it as steady growth. "I'm shocked if here it is ranked as tops in the nation...but I think it is always on the upswing."

While the report's statistics paint a rosy picture for retailers, they are not about to take anything for granted. They kknow there are no guarantees.

Polera said cautious optimism is best. "The economy is a volatile thing these days."

There's been plenty of optimism to go around. Hechts is the latest store to invest in the future with a major addition. It could pay off big time if the report's retail projections pan out.

For the Triangle, the report predicts retail sales will grow by almost 7% each of the next few years.