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Chinese Student Speaks Out On President Zemin's Visit

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Tianamen Square, June 1989
FAYETTEVILLE — Critics of China's human rights policies continue to protest Zemin's visit.The trip has certainly stirred up emotions for a Chinese student attendingFayetteville State University. WRAL'sRick Galltalkedwith a dissident who's paid the price for standing up against communism.

Yan Xiong will never forget June of 1989.

He was in Tianamen Square when Chinese troops opened fire on pro-democracysupporters. As the smoke cleared, Xiong was among the student leaders mostwanted by the government. He was arrested and sent to prison. To this day,a fire burns inside him.

As China's president tours the United States, Xiong describes him aswicked, a hypocrite.

Xiong worries about China's future, saying many people there fear civilwar.

Xiong plans to spend two more years studying English at FSU. Then he wantsto get a law degree from Harvard. After that, he hopes to go home, butbefore that happens, he said the government will have to change dramatically.

Xiong said he thinks he would be thrown in prison if he went back to Chinanow.