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Teen Charged With Murder in Father's Shooting Death

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Bill Scott
CARTHAGE — A Moore County teen has been chargedwith second degree murder in connection with the accidental shooting death of his father. Deputies say the two were playing with a gunTuesday night when the teen put the gun to his father's head and pulledthe trigger, thinking the gun was unloaded.

Bill Scott and his 17-year-old son Kevin were in their home when theshooting occurred. Deputies say the two were watching television whentheir conversation turned to guns. They say the teen tried to empty allthe bullets from the gun before playfully pointing it at his father. Theysay the teen pulled the trigger twice. The second time, it fired.

Bill Scott died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Martha Scott, Bill Scott's wife, showed WRAL-TV5'sMark Robertsthe spot in her housewhere the shooting happened. Family members moved a couch, but otherwise,the room looked essentially the same as it did when the shooting occurredat 7:50 p.m. Tuesday.

She says her son thought he had emptied the gun when he pointedit at her husband, and that what happened was a freak accident.

The victim was a jailer in Moore County. Law enforcement officers saythis has been a particularly difficult case to work on, but all agree thatit is a tragedy with a message. Chief Deputy Lane Carter says people needto learn to treat every gun as if it were a loaded gun.

The Moore County District Attorney said early Wednesday that KevinScott might be charged in his father's death, even though authoritiesbelieve the shooting was accidental. Authorities said a lessonmust be learned from this tragedy.

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