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Wilson Church Helps Many in Many Ways

Posted October 28, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Members of a church in Wilson is going out of their way to help people in their community.

Necia Virgil knows how much help they provide. What she needed was a simple ride to work in order to provide for her children. For six years, she depended on food stamps to get by, but now she has a job, and thanks to a local church, she has a way to get there.

Virgil is one of three people able to work thanks to members of the First Presbyterian Church in Wilson. The small-scale transportation program began a few years ago with a single family. Now, church members volunteer their time, vehicles and fuel to help former welfare recipients get to work. Church administrator Kathie Davis says it is easy to help others.

Virgil says the program has been a great help to her.

The church also advises participants on how they might one day take care of their own vehicles. Virgil says it's all about independence, and getting enough of a lift to get back on her feet.