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Race Relations Conference Begins in Charlotte

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Attorney General Janet Reno
CHARLOTTE — A rash of fires at churches in North Carolina sparked a conference on racerelations that started Monday. The governor invited several high profilespeakers to meet with community members to talk about race issues.Attorney General Janet Reno addressed the group Monday night.

Reno told attendees of the Governor's Conference on Racial Reconciliationthat hate crimes fuel racism in America. She said such crimes will not betolerated and will be vigorously prosecuted.

Hate crimes like the series of church burnings that recently occurred inNorth Carolina sparked President Clinton's initiative on race. While somecriticize the initiative of being all-talk and no action, Reno saiddialogue is the perfect place to start the journey toward racial harmonyin America.

Eddie Lawrence, director of the N.C. Human Rights Commission, said talkingwill provide healing and reconciliation.

Dr. John Hope Franklin will deliver the keynote address Tuesday. Franklinchairs President Clinton's initiative on race.

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