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Community Shaken From Beating Death of Elderly Woman

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House where the attack took place
POCOMOKE — Police spent the day Wednesday searching for clues and suspects in thebeating death of an elderly woman late Sunday night.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department found 90-year-old Mary AliceHarris dead and her live-in friend, 88-year-old Graham Perry, severelybeaten. Harris died from severe internal injuries and Perry is in stablecondition at the Duke Medical Center, suffering from a punctured lung, abroken arm, a broken leg, and head injuries. News of the attack on theelderly has shaken both the community and the people hired to protect it.

Detectives found the pair Monday, and the Sheriff's Department, the SBI,and the Highway Patrol have been trying to find out who committed thecrime ever since. All this has Franklin County residents on guard,especially senior citizens.

Some residents said the area is too spread out to have a community watch,but they have their own safety system.

"At night time I usually call around you know and see if everybody'sall right," said Merrie Douglas, neighbor. "A lot of times I'm by myself."

For those without a plan, the Franklin County Sheriff said to maketheir houses as secure as they can.

Residents understand investigators have their hands full, but they wishthere was some way they could be notified when a crime like this takesplace.

Robbery appears to be the motivation behind the attack. The sheriff'sdepartment said the person or persons who did this fled with an unknownamount of cash. The department urges anyone with information to call.

Reporter: Len Besthoff

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