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Church Wants to Clothe Community

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WILSON — This morning, most of us woke up to the coldestday so far this season. While many of us just pulled jackets from thecloset, some people were forced to go without, but a church in Wilsonhopes to change that by giving clothes to everyone who needs them, andthey're asking nothing in return.

Church member Jean Sinor says anyone who is in need is welcome to comein.

Raleigh Road Baptist Church is sending away more clothes this weekthan many small stores, but not a single penny is changing hands. Themerchandise comes from church members who clean out their closets twicea year just for this event.

Mannette Craft goes there to swap clothes that her three kids haveoutgrown for some cool season items that will fit them.

The church opened the exchange to the public three years ago. In spiteof increased demand, this year's supply is the largest ever.

As the exchange grows, word is getting around here in Wilson that freeclothes are available. Church members say that word-of-mouth advertisinggives them the best shot at getting help to the people who need it. Sinorsays members of her church think there is more to religion thanpraying.

Church members want everyone in Wilson to know that warm clothes arefree for the asking, as the cool winds of autumn blow in. The clothingexchange opens to the public at 7 a.m. this Saturday. It's located in thefront lobby of Raleigh Road Baptist Church in Wilson.

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