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Local Teachers Using Internet to Teach Science

Posted October 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A new study shows U.S. students are having a tough time with science classes. A third of students in the fourth grade or higher lack a basic understanding of science.

North Carolina's students rank below the national average. The study shows 44 percent of eighth graders in public schools tested below the basic level in science classes. Across the country, the figure is 40 percent.

Local teachers are using the World Wide Web to turn the numbers around. The web can provide all kinds of information and it's also a medium more students are familiar with.

"We are trying to show them how to use the web in the science classroom to try to enhance how science is taught using the web," said Lisa Grable, instructor.

The teachers find science web sites to use in the classroom, write web pages and build study guides that match the science curriculum at their schools. For 8th grade teacher Barbra Magee it's a chance to get more familiar with the web.

The teachers are also learning how to encourage their students to use the web as an educational source and to take advantage of the information that's right at their fingertips.

Teachers that already have web access in the classroom are learning how to better utilize it and educators waiting for their classrooms to get wired are getting a jump start on the future.