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Many Help in Fight Against Litter on NC Highways

Posted October 21, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Some say North Carolina's scenic beauty is under attack, one broken bottle, paper wrapper, and drink cup at a time. Litter appears to be piling up everywhere, and it's harder and harder not to see it. Now one man is taking it upon himself to make more peopleseewhat's piling up along the roads we drive, every day.

Michael Mottley knows North Carolina's countryside well enough to love it. He travels often from Camp Lejeune to Ohio, but, since he moved here about a year ago, he's seen a lot of something he doesn't like --trash on the road.

Randall Albertson has taken on a one man crusade to remind people that littering is against the law. Five years ago, he was appointed to the Governor's Highway Beautification Council. He's preaching an uncompromising message using four signs that he hopes will drive home his point.

Albertson admits the signs are insulting, but says they don't even compare to the garbage he picks up every day. Tuesday morning, he pulled a washing machine out of a ditch near his home in Mount Olive. He says he knows his method may be a little abrasive, but he believes most people want the highways to be clean. The people who don't care, he says, should be more considerate of everyone else.