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Holly Springs Residents Opposed to Shooting Range

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Model of the proposed firing range
HOLLY SPRINGS — Plans to build a shooting range in the Wake County town of Holly Springsmet some resistance Monday night at a meeting at Holly Springs ElementarySchool. Some residents said while the range would be a legal distanceaway, it still won't be far enough for them.

Residents opposed to the shooting range were thinking about guns and noisebeing so close to the elementary school. Organizers said there is nothingto worry about because the range would be in the middle of nowhere, thenearest property line is 300 feet away and the nearest house is 2000 feetaway.

Janet Seagroves, a resident of Holly Springs for five years, said she was horrified there could be a firing range 2000 feet from her home.

Seagroves and others against the proposal were concerned about the noiseand the possibility of bullets flying, endangering people in the area.

Supporters of the firing range said residents' concerns about gunfire inthe area were not valid because people hunt there all the time. They saidthe residents should be more concerned about hunting than the supervisedfiring range.

David Carter has directed the project since 1986 and said people weremisinformed, and that he wanted to alleviate fears the residents felt.

Carter and his staff met with residents Monday night to talk about theirfears. While Carter explained the building was designed to keep bulletsinside, some residents like Seagroves were not convinced.

A noise consultant came to the meeting and explained the noise at thefacility would be no louder than a person speaking in a normal tone.WRAL's Wisdom Martinspoke with people after the meeting and most were still angry that theproject was going to be in the Holly Springs area. County commissionersare expected to make a decision on November 3.

Reporter: Wisdom Martin

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