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Wake Sheriff's Office Seeks 3 Suspects

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Wake Co. Sheriff John Baker
RALEIGH — Early Friday morning, passersby tried to helpa man they thought had been hurt in a traffic accident along an isolatedWake County road. The man subsequently died, and the circumstances of hisdeath are frustrating to Wake County Sheriff John Baker: one of threesuspects being sought is a juvenile so Baker is barred from divulging whohe is looking for.

Baker said the victim, 26-year-old Jason Powell, had been fatally shot.Law officers have two males in custody and are looking for three others. Survey Jordan, 22, and Demetri Spothard, 16, are being sought, along witha juvenile Baker is not allowed to identify.

Baker said it is not fair to Wake County citizens that young,vicious criminals are being sought and yet law officers can't alert thepublic to their identities.

Major Danny Bellamy of the sheriff's department described what occurredFriday morning.

Bellamy said it was a drug deal gone bad, with Powell winding up abouthalf a mile from the site of the deal, on Old Stage Road in an isolatedarea near Garner. Officers said Powell was robbed of jewelry and otherproperty before he was killed with a handgun.

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