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N.C. State Students Organizing Trip to Million Woman March

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RALEIGH — The goal of the Million Man March was to raise awareness about issues inthe African-American community. WRAL's Wisdom Martintalked with some men who marched at the nation's capital two years ago,and some women who are planning to go to their own march.

Some of the people that participated in the Million Man March two yearsago said they were energized by seeing so many African-American mengathering peacefully. The men that Martin spoke with said it helped tobreak down some of the negative stereotypes about African-American men. They also say it changed their lives.

Thousands of African-American men went to Washington for the historicMillion Man March on Oct. 16, 1995. It's an event that N.C. State studentsMichael Newkirk and Ricky Livingston said had a big impact on their lives.

"It made me aware of the things we need to do to be active in our community," said Newkirk.

Livingston said the whole event was outstanding.

Livingston is trying to pass on his experience by organizing a trip to theMillion Woman March in Philadelphia. It's an experience that CarolynHolloway and Robyn James hope to share.

"It will reassure our place in the community, our place in the nation,"said Holloway.

James said she was looking for knowledge she couldn't find in Raleigh.

The goal of the Million Woman March is the same as the Million Man March;to unite and then bring home a renewed sense of community and work to makelife better for everyone.

"So that the children, people younger than us, the next generation willsee people are trying to create a better future for themselves, that'swhat I hope for," said Livingston.

Next week the organizers will meet at N.C. State to talk about the MillionWoman March. The event is scheduled for October 25, in Philadelphia. Womeninterested in going can call the Society of African American Culture at515-8720 by 5 p.m. Monday.

Reporter: Wisdom Martin