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NC Drivers Licenses Harder to Get

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DMV office in Fayetteville
FAYETTEVILLE — It's a little tougher these days to get adriver's license if you show up at North Carolina Department of MotorVehicles unprepared. Over the past two weeks, plenty of people have beenturned away.

As soon as you walk in the door of the DMV office in Fayetteville,the secretary makes sure you brought along the right documents. And, asof two weeks ago, state law requires you to show proof of your socialsecurity number.

Most people do bring what they need and settle in for the wait.

Fayetteville resident Brandon Acker says he brought his documentationalong just in case.

The state will use the social security numbers to hone in on deadbeatparents and to provide drivers with some extra security.

Fayetteville resident Juanita Applewhite says she is all for the newprogram.

DMV officials say the department will only share the numbers with childsupport and law enforcement officers. In order to help get that word out,the state is planning a public awarenesscampaign.

To show proof of your social security number, you can bring your socialsecurity card, a payroll check, tax document, bank statement or militaryidentification card.

Photographer:Rick Allen