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Cumberland Co. Recycling Not Enjoying Success

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FAYETTEVILLE — These days just about everybody recycles.In fact, most cities offer curbside pickup for recyclable materials andrefuse, but in Cumberland County, most recyclables are going right in withthe trash.areabout 25 sites in Cumberland County can drop offaluminum, but for those who want to recycle such things as glass andplastic, there are no such sites and there haven't been for over a year.

Recycling has been a lifelong business for Mary Sue Godfrey.For 11years she taught college students about the importance of recycling, andlived what she taught.

Darrell Reed owns the only private recycling business left in thearea. He says it hurts him that the county has nosystem for recycling in place.

Back in 1995, the last of the recycling sites was closed. Reed isafraid his business will have to close as well.

Reed has filed a proposal with the state requesting permission to takeover recycling for the county, but he may not find out if the county wantsthat until next year. In the meantime, recyclables are building up.

Godfrey says it is very frustrating for her to see what's happening.

Reed believes recycling would get rid of 58 percent of the county'strash. Many residents hope people will be able to start recycling again.

Photographer:Mike Joyner

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