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Cary Residents Still Fighting Low-Income Housing Plan

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Residents in the Weatherstone neighborhood are worried about proposed housing nearby.
CARY — The debate over an affordable housing complex isheating up again in Cary. Now, someone is circulating flyers warning homeowners of what they call the dangers associated with low-income housing. But organizers of the project say that information is flat out wrong.

Many residents of a subdivision near the proposed complex arepassionate about the issue. They don't want affordable housing builtacross the street from them. Carolina Power & Light, which is funding thedevelopment, says those people need to get their facts straight.

Weatherstone is the type of neighborhood where children play outsidewithout incurring the fear of their parents. Some who live their say thatway of life is being threatened by the proposed apartment complex.

Weatherstone homeowner Joe Thomas told WRAL-TV5'sAmanda Lambhe just wants a safeneighborhood for his family.

Homeowner Andrew Briggs says the developers are going to make money atthe expense of Weatherstone homeowners.

CP&L Business Manager Don Dixon says he hopes people will see theflyers for what they are -- fear mongering.

Dixon says critics of the project are misinformed.

Frankie Pendergraph is vice president of Jag Management, which isdeveloping the housing complex. She says it will be a nice neighborhood.

Many Weatherstone residents say nothing they've heard from CP&L and JagManagement will change their minds, but homeowner Sarah Shiells says theydon't want to be labeled as "elitist", either.

Part of the flyer is a photocopy of a newspaper article about a recentshooting in Wake Forest. At the bottom of the article, someone haswritten, "Could this happen in Cary?". Project organizers say the flyersare inflammatory and they want to address these concerns and calmresidents' fears.

They will hold a public meeting on November 11 where they hope todistribute information that will ease concerns.

Cary town officials will be considering the plan for 30 days. The landis currently zoned for the apartment complex, but officials say they arenot taking a position on the proposal at this time.

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