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Great Pumpkin May Show Up After All

Posted October 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— What looked like it would be a bad year for pumpkins in North Carolina has turned out to be quite the opposite. Judging by the pumpkins available at the State Farmer's Market, the size and number of pumpkins would not indicate this past dry summer at all.

Statewide, however, pumpkin prices are expected to be a little high than last year. Horticulturists estimate there are between 100 and 500 pumpkin growers in North Carolina.

Charlie Edwards organizes many special days honoring the fruit of the North Carolina plain. He says this is the twelfth annual day of the pumpkin, and it is one many look forward to most, especially the children.

Edwards says the pumpkins come from all over the state.

Not many weeks ago, the season looked dismal for many pumpkin growers, but Edwards says rain, at just the right time, helped to turn out a fine crop.

Dennis Carswell says he didn't depend on the rain to grow his 372 pound prize winner.

All agree that the rewards are sweeter when the labor is greater.

Photographer:Rick Armstrong