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Goldsboro Police Say Shooting Not a Trend

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The Mexi-Linda nightclub in Goldsboro was the scene of a shooting Sunday night.
GOLDSBORO — Four people are recovering from injuriesafter a shootout Sunday in Goldsboro. Police say what started as anargument escalated to murder, but they do not believe the violenceindicates a trend.

The shootout that killed one man and wounded four others happened inthe parking lot at "El Mexi Lindo", a popular hangout for Latinoimmigrants. Until now, the nightspot hadn't even caught the attention ofneighbors .

Vicky Burnette works near the nightclub. She says she's never beenaware of trouble there.

Police say the incident started as an argument after two men fromdifferent countries bumped into each other. Seconds later, theysay, bullets were flying, along with rumors of tension between Mexican andHonduran-Americans.

But police say that simply isn't true. In fact, according to GoldsboroPolice Major J.M. Warrick, the only other murder in that building happenedmore three years ago.

Scott Boyette also works nearby. He says it's a peaceful area.

Violent crime in Goldsboro, police say, has decreased dramatically. Sofar this year, the murder rate is less than half of what it is in atypical year and that that's one reason murders like this in otherwiseinvisible buildings attract so much attention.

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