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FSU Students Conduct DNA Research

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FAYETTEVILLE — Students at Fayetteville StateUniversity are getting some invaluable researchexperience. They're studying D-N-A -- specifically, how exposure to metalscan damage our genes.

This is all part of a bio-medical research program.Working closely with the faculty, 10 students are focusing on scienceand their future.

One student, Tammy Burroughs, says her class is learning various research lab techniques -- and gets to visit other labs, some ofthem international, as well.

The federal government pays for the program, which is aimed at minoritystudents. Over the past four years alone, more than $3 million has beenspent on the program.

Dr. Juliette Bell, the program's director, noted that in science in general and biomedical research in particular, minorities areunderrepresented.

Now in its 15th year, the program has had its share of successstories. Many students have gone on to earn their PhDs, and then havebecome practicing research scientists or university professors.

Dr. James Raynor is a program graduate, who's returned to teach and bea role model. He says one advantage is that the students discover how muchthey can do.

And then they discover new career paths they could not have envisionedbeforehand.