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New Coliseum to Open With Huge Concert; Fans Camp Out for Tickets

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Fans lined up as early as Thursday night to wait for tickets to go on sale
FAYETTEVILLE — The new Crown Coliseum in Cumberland County will cap off its first weekwith a huge country music concert: Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn.

Tickets for the show went on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday, and people camped out and waited as early as Friday afternoon to purchase them for $41 each. WRAL'sRick Gallwas at the box office Friday night.

Some fans waited for 15 hours for the tickets to go on sale. Theyentertained themselves by getting comfortable, eating, reading and meetingnew friends. J.R. Reynolds had plenty of time to master the art ofwaiting. He was first in line after showing up Thursday evening.

Country music fan Pat Rogers said she was waiting because her familywanted to be able to see the concert.

The concert features two of the biggest acts in country music. RebaMcEntire will share the stage with Brooks & Dunn. The non-stop show willeven feature a few numbers with all three entertainers together.

"Oh, it will be well worth it," said Rogers. "It will be the one to see."

The Oct. 30th concert will be one of the first big events in the newCrown Coliseum, a $55 million building.

Chris Turner, a country music fan, said he thinks the coliseum will bevery modern.

Fans didn't have to spend the entire night outside. The civic center staffplanned to let them inside where accommodations were a little morecomfortable.

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