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Six Fires Set on Franklin Street; Arsonist...

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CHAPEL HILL — Chapel Hill firefighters didn't have much time to think about UNC basketballwithout Dean Smith. They were busy chasing an arsonist Thursday night.

Investigators said someone set six fires along Franklin Street shortlyafter 11 p.m. Although no one was hurt, the fires did cause some propertydamage.

Police stepped in to start tracking the arsonist.

Firefighters are worried about any fire set but a dumpster fire is onething and fire set up against a building is something totally different.That means the arsonist is brave, and that's something to be worriedabout.

"To us it's very serious and particularly when they're starting them andgetting buildings going it's extremely serious to us," said Bosworth.

The six fires were set in 10 blocks in 50 minutes. It added up to a busynight for the Chapel Hill Fire and Police Departments, and a busy nightfor an arsonist still on the loose.

Chapel Hill Police spent much of this past summer hunting down an arsonistthey say set a string of fires. Those cases are still unsolved. Fireinvestigators say there is a chance that they're dealing with the samesuspect. If you know anything about any of the fires, you're asked to callChapel Hill Police.

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