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Day After Smith Speaks Out, Students Come Out

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Students march around the UNC campus to express their open attitude about their sexuality.
CHAPEL HILL — About a hundred gay and lesbian students at UNC-Chapel Hill marked NationalComing Out Day with a celebration of their own.

National Coming Out Day is designed to encourage gay people to be open about their sexual orientation. Friday's second annual march includedmusic, speakers and poetry. Organizer Loralei Costa says the march helpsgay students learn from those who have gone before them.

"There are probably some closeted people around here who are too scaredto be honest with themselves, honest with their friends, honest with theirparents," Costa explains. "I think having role models who are out andproud are going to help those people come to terms with what they'refeeling inside of themselves."

Costa went on to say she feels college campuses are getting more tolerant, and that one day, marches won't be needed.

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