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Clinton's Veto Won't Affect Ft. Bragg Housing

Posted October 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— President Clinton put his line-item veto pen to work Monday. He's using it to control military spending. That means 38-military projects are getting the axe. One casualty was an Urban Terrain Complex at Fort Bragg. But several new housing plans at Bragg will go on as planned.

One of those projects was celebrated Monday. Badly needed upgrades were finally finished at several Bragg barracks. Soldiers started moving into the newly renovated buildings Monday.

Holes in the walls, dripping facets, peeling paint. This was life in the barracks for hundreds of Fort Bragg soldiers.

Specialist Paul Davis and 135 other soldiers moved out and into their new home Monday - a two million dollar newly renovated barracks.

The new rooms also have a built in sink and home-sized refrigerator. In the basement, there is a washroom so the soldiers can wash their muddy clothes without having to drag them to their rooms.

The biggest change is in the washers and dryers. In the old barracks there were only 12 washers and dryers for every 136 soldiers now there is one washer and dryer for every eight soldiers.

It's the kind of improvement the army is counting on. Millions of dollars are being spent to build new barracks, many already under construction at Fort Bragg. And the hope is that by giving soldiers a place they don't mind calling home, they'll look forward to going to work.