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Time to Pick a Peck of Petite Pumpkins

Posted October 4, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— 'Tis the season for picking that great jack o' lantern from the pumpkin patch. Thousands of pumpkins are just right for the picking, but there is one problem.

This summer, dry weather cut the growing season a little short. That means pumpkins are little bit smaller than last year's batch. Local pumpkin sellers say that shouldn't stop you from buying one.

"There are more pumpkins because they're not as large," Tara Barnum says. "But the pumpkins are good. Sales are good. The prices aren't as high as people thought they were going to be."

If you haven't bought one yet, don't worry. Barnum says she doesn't expect prices to go up anytime soon.