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Murder of Fundraising Child Has Parents Worrying About Safety

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Colleen Lester gets involved with her children's fundraising
FAYETTEVILLE — It's the beginning of the school year and kids across the country aretaking part in school-sponsored fundraisers. But the murder of an elevenyear old New Jersey boy during his door-to-door sales routine has a lotof school systems rethinking their policies.

Kids everywhere are realizing in the 90's even the traditional way ofselling, door-to-door, is changing.

"Somebody can hurt us when we go walking by ourselves," said Alex Danson,a 5th grander.

Colleen Lester, parent, said she goes with her children when they selldoor-to-door.

Franz Holzer learned his lesson about fundraisers the hard way. Threeyears ago his 9-year-old daughter Tiffiny was out on her own sellingcandy for school when the unthinkable happened.

"She didn't see the tractor trailer truck in the right lane she ran acrossthe traffic," said Holzer.

Tiffiny died on the highway, and her death spurred changes in CumberlandCounty schools.

The rules now prohibit kids from going door-to-door and instead encouragetheir parents to get involved, which is the one message Holzer hopesparents have learned from Tiffiny's death.

Many area school systems including Wake County and Cumberland County,already prohibit kids from selling door to door.

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