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Latest in Veterinary Care Available in Wendell

Posted October 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Sometimes people move from urban areas out to small towns like Wendell, knowing they will be inconvenienced in some ways in return for a quieter life. But when it comes to their pets, people in Wendell are fortunate to have the latest in veterinary care just around the corner.

Dr. Bill Burroughs takes care of the routine vaccinations. Surgery is also part of Burrough's routine.

A new part of the routine is a surgical laser, replacing scalpels. Burroughs is the first and to his knowledge, the only veterinarian in the state to use the laser in private practice.

"What this is doing is it's going to vaporize, it's going to vaporize that cell," said Burroughs

The CO-2 laser cuts 0.2 to 0.3 centimeters deep every time. It also controls bleeding while it cuts. The incisions heal faster and with less pain for the animal.

Burroughs said the new technology makes surgery better.

New anesthetics along with the laser turns an overnight stay into same day surgery. At the end of the day, Jasper, a dog in for surgery, was ready for his master and home.

Diane Garrett, Jasper's owner, said she thinks the new method is wonderful.

In Wendell, pet owners also have a veterinarian who uses acupuncture for treating animals.