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Wife of Slain Officer Appreciates Community Support

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Barbara Hathcock, widow
FAYETTEVILLE — Eight days ago, two North Carolina lawmen were gunned down in the line ofduty.

Their families have been coping with the ultimate tragedy. But WRAL'sRick Gallreportedsupport from across the community and country have gone a long way inhelping them through the toughest of times.

"Nothing takes the place of your husband, when you're we were very much inlove," said Barbara Hathcock, deputy's wife. "I just miss him so much."

Barbara Hathcock lost her husband David after 35 years of marriage. TheCumberland County Sheriff's Deputy was killed in the line of duty eightdays ago when he answered a backup call from another officer. Now,Hathcock and her three sons are left remembering the man who meant so muchto them.

Last Tuesday, Hathcock and State Trooper Ed Lowry were gunned down alongthe interstate after a traffic stop.

Thousands of people paid their respects during the funeral service. Morelined the procession route to the cemetery.

Hundreds of flower arrangements, letters, and cards have arrived from allover the nation.

"It just made me know that there's people out there that really, really docare," said Hathcock.

Hathcock said the support has been unbelievable, overwhelming.

"I just would like to tell everybody out there that I really do appreciateeverything they did, from my heart, and I believe they meant it," saidHathcock.

On Sunday, Hathcock visited the site where her husband and Lowry died. Shewanted to see how the murder scene had been transformed into a memorial.People from across the country have stopped there, and like the rest of thesupport, Hathcock will never forget it.

Lowry's wife did not feel up to a television interview, but told Gall thesupport's been overwhelming, and it's certainly made a difference. Shethanked all those who've shared their sympathies.

Wednesday, in Fayetteville, seven radio stations held a radio-thon tobenefit the officers' families. The 12-hour event raised $17,000.

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