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The scene of the fall.
CHAPEL HILL — A University of North Carolina at ChapelHill sophomore was hospitalized Thursday after falling four stories offthe ledge of his dorm. Police say he and some other students climbed outon to the ledge to smoke a cigarette after a night of drinking.

Drinking has been long been a part of college life. Recently there hasbeen growing concern over the role alcohol plays in higher education. Afew days ago, a student at MIT died of alcohol poisoning. Thursdaymorning, 18-year-old James Bumgardner fell off a fourth floor ledge atWinston Dorm after drinking with friends. Bumgardner fell onto a tree andonto the ground.

Schools are trying to cut down on alcohol consumption. Last week, DukeUniversity's intrafraternity council voted to ban all alcohol distributionby fraternities. UNC sponsored an alcohol-free party at the beginning ofthe school year. It's part of an intensive campaign to cut down on schooldrinking.

UNC officials believe that in order to make progress, there has to be asignificant change in the school's total environment.

Students WRAL's Betsy Sykes talked tosay many hear the message but choose to ignore it. Senior Eric Wolak saysthere's no way to get around drinking at a university. Wolak saysdrinking is everywhere, and there's no way to stop it.

Sophomore Tammy Ashton believes that people going to college are going todrink. Ashton says that despite the University's noble attempt to curbdrinking, it hasn't been effective.

Vice Chancellor Floyd says binge drinking is a big problem. Many kidsstart drinking in junior high school, so by the time they get to college,drinking is already a big problem.


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