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N.C. State Professor's Research Stolen

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It's a heartbreaking situation, but Smart hopes that whoever stole his computer will have enough empathy to bring it back with his research data in tact.
RALEIGH — A North Carolina State University professorsays ten years of his professional life have gone down the drain. Lastweek, thieves broke into an off-campus research building and stole$18,000 dollars worth of equipment, but it's not the monetary loss thathas Dr. Robert Smart in despair.

Tuesday, September 23, people who work in the research building offBlue Ridge Road found evidence of an overnight burglary. The entire floorwas covered with research articles.

Dr. Smart found his desk pried open and a camera and television set missing. But worse than that, something irreplaceable was gone.

Dr. Smart's Power MacIntosh 7100 held 10 years worth of cancer researchdata. He and his team of researchers record most their data innotebooks, but that information, he says, is cumbersome to use.

Smart still hopes the computer will turn up.

If the computer doesn't show up at the door step of the lab, Smartsays his research will go on. It will take time, he says, but he and histeam will not give up.

A $500 reward is offered for the return of the machine. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the NCSUDepartment of Public Safety at515-2498.

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