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Prosecution Rests in Boychuk Trial

Posted October 1, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The prosecution wrapped up its case Wednesday against Bill Boychuk, accused of pushing his pregnant wife off a bridge before deliering fatal blows to her head. Boychuk's parents became very emotional during testimony as they sat in the courtroom. 

As is customary at this point in a trial, the defense asked the judge to drop all charges, arguing that the evidence was largely circumstantial. The prosecution, however, said there is just too much evidence against Boychuk for the court to consider that, and Judge Robert Farmer agreed and declined to dismiss the charges. 

Jurors determining the guilt or innocence of Bill Boychuk returned to court Wednesday with the crime scene fresh in their minds. Tuesday, they headed out of court to the Cary Parkway bridge to see where Karen Boychuk died on December 31, 1995. 

The visit was expected to be very crucial to jurors because all of the evidence in the case is centered around that site. 

Wednesday, a medical examiner testified that Karen Boychuk did, indeed, fall off the bridge, but he says she was still alive when she hit the ground. She died, he said, after receiving four blows to the head that were inconsistent with injuries caused by the fall. 


He also testified that the victim had a bruise on her nose that he believes she sustained before the fall. The victim's mother, Carol Forehand, testified Tuesday that she believes Karen Boychuk was treated roughly by her husband and was concerned about the state of her marriage. 

Defense attorneys haven't decided yet whether their client will testify..