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Amtrak Train Collides With Tractor-Trailer; Two...

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RALEIGH (AP) — Two people were injuredafter an Amtrak train carrying 178 passengers collided with a tractor-trailerat a street intersection. 

The Silver Star traveling from New York to Miami hit the tractor-trailerabout 10:30 p.m. Monday, said Amtrak spokesman Dan Whitaker. 

A train engineer and one of the passengers were injured, Raleigh assistantfire chief A.E. Lynn said early today. The train also carried a 13-membercrew. 

The two injured were taken to Rex Hospital in Raleigh, where one wastreated and released. The engineer remained to have X-rays taken earlythis morning, said Whitaker. Their names were not released. 

The 13-car train smacked into the trailer and part of the truck's rig.The tractor was hauling a load of pine straw. The impact disrupted thetrain's electrical system and uncoupled two cars, but did not derail thetrain, Lynn said. 

The trailer carried the name AJF Leasing. The truck driver - identifiedas William Clemons, 57, of Florida - gave a statement to police but wouldn'tcomment to a reporter about what happened. 

Raleigh police officer Andy Murr said the brakes on the train also weredamaged. Whitaker said the train would remain at the accident site. 

Several buses were traveling to the scene early today to pick up thepassengers and transport them to a local community center, Lynn said. Theywere later expected to travel to Florence, S.C., where they would boardanother train heading south, according to Whitaker. 

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