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Witness Testifies Boychuk's Story Doesn't Ring True

Posted September 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The prosecution continued its case Monday against Bill Boychuk, the man accused of murdering his pregnant wife on New Year's Eve 1995. Cary police investigators testified about their three hour interview with Boychuk after the death of his wife Karen.

According to testimony, Boychuk says he and his wife were hit by a car while crossing the Cary Parkway bridge. Then, he says, he passed out and then tried to help his wife, but that she was too heavy for him to move.

Cary Police Investigator George Daniels said on the stand that the story doesn't ring true.

Boychuk told police he was in too much pain from his own ordeal to help his wife, but a doctor found no serious injuries on his body.

Photographer:Mark Copeland