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Veteran Driver

Posted September 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Driving a school bus is no easy task.

You're responsible for getting dozens of kids to and from school safely five days a week. One Raleigh woman has been doing it for 35-years.

Elizabeth Hunter has been the familiar face that greets children and their parents every morning. Her day begins at 6 a.m. She drives four multiple routes to take children to schools in Wake County.

Her day ends after 5pm -- after she's taken every child home safely.

Hunter, or Liz as she is called by those who know her, says school bus drivers work hard and should be given more respect. She adds it takes a special person to be a driver.

Elizabeth Hunter says she intends to be driving Wake County schoolchildren for the next eight years. At that time she'll turn 65, and then she says she might consider retiring.

Mary Mangum, Assistant principal of Durant Road Elementary School, says Liz is a model driver.

Liz says its important for the Wake County School Board to realize that bus drivers are important. Without them, she says, the kids will have a tough time getting to school.

In light of the pay dispute, you might be wondering how much Liz Hunter earns after 35 years on the job. Hunter says she started making slightly more than ten-dollars an hour this year.