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Glaxo Wellcome Employees Pitch in to Clean Park

Posted September 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A lack of manpower kept Umstead State Park closed for a long time after Hurricane Fran, but Monday, the park got some much needed attention.

Hundreds of Glaxo Wellcome employees spent the day there instead of in their offices, but it was no day at the park. The group helped clean, repair and stain historical cabins at Umstead. Volunteer Shannon Gooding says the park benefits and so do they.

"We work together as a team, hold ladders for each other pass paint and work together as a group to fix a project that helps a community, getting the campsites ready for other families to come together and enjoy 'em."

The project also serves as an off-site, team building project for the Glaxo employees.