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College Receives Grant to Improve Surrounding Neighborhoods

Posted September 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— For the last 130 years, St. Augustine's college has provided educational opportunities for its students. But now, it's getting the chance to provide opportunity off-campus; making life better not just for their students but for the people that live in the surrounding neighborhood.

St. Augustine's College is located in a neighborhood that's no stranger to crime. That makes some students feel uncomfortable, but that could soon change. St. Augustine's college is one of 17 historically black colleges that received a grant to improve it's surrounding neighborhoods.

"We are going to be doing what we say we want to do, that is offering community partnership and bartering with the community," said Community Relations Director Marshall Harvey.

Harvey wrote the grant. He said the $400,000 dollars will be used for programs to give social and educational services to neighbors of the college.

The money will also be used to physically improve the area around St. Augustine's, creating a positive environment for the school, its students and the people living nearby.

Tara Campbell, a student, said she hopes the grant will lead to other improvements.

Fayetteville State also received $400,000 in grant money for its project.